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My Auction page acts as a platform for selling my own work in combination with work by other artists whose works chime in with the theme of the relationship between the human world and the natural world. 


10% of sales from the works in each auction will be donated to an organisation or project relating to the restoration of wild spaces, community projects, and mixed farming. Here is a list of some of the organisations we will be fundraising for:


Rewilding Britain https://www.rewildingbritain.org.uk

World Wildlife Fund https://www.worldwildlife.org

Natural England  https://www.natural-england.org.uk

The Wildlife Trusts https://www.wildlifetrusts.org

International Union for the Conservation of Nature https://www.iucn.org

Birdlife International https://www.birdlife.org

Somerset Wildlands https://somersetwildlands.org

Transition Cambridge https://www.transitioncambridge.or

Nature Friendly Farming Network https://www.nffn.org.uk
Wildwood Trust https://wildwoodtrust.org


Look out for our next auction in April/May 2023. Among the exhibits alongside mine will be works by:


Jim Anderson https://www.jimpanzee-art.co.uk

Martin Aveling https://avelingartworks.com

Pierre Clement http://www.pierreclementart.co.uk

Amanda Lebus https://www.amandalebus.com